Since our beginnings, the Pokawa family has been driven by strong values that are close to our hearts: in addition to creating bowls with an incomparable taste, you will feel at home in our Barakawas!
Pokawa is home to all of us and we protect and respect it as well as our beautiful planet.

When Poke rhymes with quality

We carefully select our products to offer you the best pokes! Our vegetables and tropical fruits are carefully selected to delight the taste buds of our Pokawaiians. Our fish is delivered and prepared every morning in each of our kitchens.
We are proud of our recipes which are healthy, creative, and above all delicious. Every month, we prepare for you an exclusive poké concocted with LOVE!

Aloha! In our Barakawas

At Pokawa, you are welcomed in the “Aloha Spirit”, that innate and warm sense of hospitality that Hawaiians are blessed with. More than just a greeting, it’s a state of mind with us: our Pokateam is made up of fun people, passionate about others, and knowledgeable about Poké, in order to advise you.
How about joining us for a homemade lemonade toast?

Hipahipa, hulō! *
*Cheers! in Hawaiian

Let’s respect the environment

To delight you is not our only objective: we also want to take responsibility for our environmental impact. Pokawa is committed to reducing its carbon footprint: our Pokés are served in packaging that is 100% biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. We also select committed and environmentally friendly suppliers.

Don’t hesitate to ask for our returnable bowls and our beautiful planet will thank you! #goodfortheplanet

Waste no more