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To comfort you throughout the year 🫶
saimins are back

We're so excited to tell you that your favourite hot dish is now available all year round!

We understand that some people prefer to eat hot food in summer and winter. So we decided to leave the menu permanently open the Hot Line's best-seller: Saimin, our Hawaiian Ramen.   

Unlike traditional ramen, which is often served with a meat broth, our Saimins are prepared with a vegetable stock Shoyu tasty 😋 Ideal for all diets.  

You may be wondering what's in our saimin 👀

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  • A warm and comforting Shoyu broth ☺️
  • Delicious wheat noodles  😋
  • Super fresh vegetables: carrots, radishes, spinach shoots, edamame, marinated and roasted mushrooms 🤩
  • Thai leek and sesame for the "Poka Touch  😌

It is known that toppings can make all the difference in a dish, which is why we have ensures that you poweres choose the one that will complete this recipe. You can choose between pcrushed ischia, from ssame umami, and 7 spices Shichimi !

The best part?

If you are getting to know us, you already know that you have a choice of 4 different recipes Chicken, Chick'en Vegetable, Marinated Shrimp, Salmon Steak, Chicken Gyozas or Vegetable Gyozas 😏  

Conclusion Whether it's 5°C or 35°C, our range of Saimins will ALWAYS be there for you ❤️ 

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