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Homemade iced tea

Our must-have recipe for Kusmi tea homemade iced tea, with its intense peach flavour. Perfect for a refreshing drink!

Homemade lemonade

Discover our great homemade lemonade infused with mint and a hint of ginger. Why make things complicated when you can make them good?

Green Lemonade

A twist on our traditional lemonade with cucumber for a sunny day. ☀️


Our acai raspberry banana smoothie, made on site by our teams, for a moment of sweetness 😇


A smoothie with exotic flavours thanks to our fresh mango, pineapple and passion fruit! Made with love on site by our teams ☀️


LIL Bubble Tea lime & lychee 🧋
A bubble tea in a small bottle with green tea, lemon balls and lime and lychee syrup. Drink it cold! 🧊

Size: 250 ML

Bubble Tea Tropical Sunset 🍓

Bubble Tea Tutti 🧋
Enjoy our green tea bubble tea, made with fresh fruit pieces: mango, passion fruit and lime. Accompanied by its passion syrup 🌴 Drink it chilled! 🧊

Format: 400ML

Bubble Tea Flamango 🥭

Lime & Mango Bubble Tea 🧋
Come and enjoy our green tea bubble tea, made with chunks of fresh mango and lime 🍋. Our bubble tea is made with lime and mango syrup, as well as lime flavoured marbles to achieve perfection. Drink chilled! 🧊

Format: 400ML

Bubble Tea Lemon Tchi 🍋

Bubble Tea Lemon & Lychee 🧋
Come and enjoy our green tea bubble tea with lemon pieces and lychee natas 🌴 Accompanied by its lime and lychee syrup. To be drunk chilled! 🧊

Format: 400ML