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Christmas Campaign 2021: BE POKAWA! 🎄

Our goal? To be Santa 2.0 and create a movement of love through humour 🎅🏻
Christmas campaign 2021 - BE POKAWA

Christmas is not only about giving and receiving gifts: it is about giving happiness, love and hope to those around us ✨

At the end of this complicated year, it was important for Pokawa to share and spread the values of Christmas. That's why in December 2021, we wanted to bring the Christmas spirit through a fun and good vibes campaign 🌈

For this new campaign, Pokawa decided to collaborate with Alex Fredo, comedian, singer and musician, but also with Hakim Jemili and John Demayo. Humorists close to their community, two friends in work and in life, a perfect duo to make this Christmas campaign funny and memorable.

We have created several challenges on the theme of love and humour, allowing subscribers to have a funny time and also to win gifts under these different posts.

  • Song Challenge : Alex Fredo gives a song!
    To win €200 of Pokawa promo codes, all you had to do was comment under the post with a funny anecdote about the year 2021 or imagine what the music will be like.
  • Dance Challenge : Reproduce the #BePokawaDance and everyone who reproduces the dance wins a Pokawa voucher! The goal? To create a viral good vibe through dance.
  • Happiness Challenge : John and Hakim's micro pavement where each interviewee gives their definition of happiness. A trip on Interrail for 4 was to be won under the post!
  • Give Love Challenge: Hidden camera of John and Hakim where they share love and humour through a video. The aim was to create a viral love movement where people dare to say I love you and declare their love.

A part of the profits generated by the sales of the Christmas poké was donated to the association @associationscottandco

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